Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fall Makeup look

Start with a moisturizing foundation. BB creams are good in the summer, but in the winter and fall you want more coverage.  Remember, when choosing foundation, choose one that goes with your arm color, and make sure that it blends in all the way. Next, apply a matte powder. Once again, in the summer you can get away with shiny, dewy skin, but in the winter and fall, keep your face matte. Next, take a deep orange color and brush it onto the the whole lid of your eye. Taking a dark red, brush it onto the crease of your eye. Take a smudge brush and blend it in! Now, take a brown eye pencil and line your upper and lower lash line. Apply mascara, and your eyes are done! Especially when it is cold, too much blush can make you look like you have a cold. For this look, take a light pink lip stick and apply it to your cheeks. Using a blush brush, blend it in. To set this, use powder or a light blush color. For the lips, go bold! Take a red, matte lip stain and use a lip brush to sculpt your lips. Use precision when doing this, because red will show any flaws. When you are done, powder the edge of your lips. Take your eyebrow powder and make bold eyebrows. Set them with brow gel. Lastly, using a contouring stick, apply two lines to both sides of the length of your nose. Blend this in to get a sleek looking nose. Fall should bring out the sharp features of your face, and red lipstick does just that.

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Marilyn Monroe

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