Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter outfit and makeup ideas

   Tomorrow is Easter! If you're not in the states, then I'm sorry if this post is a little late. Even if you don't celebrate Easter, it is still fun to put on happy and light makeup with a cute outfit. This makeup and outfit(s) are perfect for any day in spring, not just on Easter! For the makeup, start with your regular foundation and powder routine. Start by applying primer to your eyelids. Using a white color, brush it onto the lid of your eye (stopping at the crease). Next, take a light pink and lightly brush it into your crease. Whenever you're applying eye makeup, apply in a way so that it almost tickles. You never want to rub it, because it can irritate your eyes and cause premature aging. When both colors are blended in and there is no odd line of pink on your crease, apply a thin line of gel liner, winging it out at the end. Next apply a pink blush to your cheeks, because now that its spring time we can put away the deep red colors. For your lips, apply any light colored lip stick/gloss you would like (I used Baby Lips, in Pink Me Up). This look is flirty and fun, without being too over the top. When it comes to outfits, the options are endless!
This outfit is perfect if it is a warm day. The high low skirt  adds a color to the outfit while the lace crop top makes the look dainty and feminine. The wedges complete this look by adding dimension. Each piece has a unique pattern or texture giving a 3D look.
   I am in love with this next outfit! For me it is always a struggle to put away my winter boots, because I love how they feel and look on me. Flats make the transition easier though because anyone can rock them. This dress is adorable, and is $18. Nothing sings spring more than floral, which is why this dress caught my attention. With the built in black band, it will automatically make your waist look smaller. Here is a tip: when you wear belts, wear them where a crop top would be (where the model above has hers). Try and wear thick belts when you do this and your waist will look slimmer. 
  Not all of the links are to the exact clothing item. I try and find close matches that are just as cute! Also, many links are to because they are affordable and have good quality items.  I hope you all have a great Easter!
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