Sunday, September 29, 2013

Recreate Kylie Jenner!

We all see that one outfit on anyone, your friend, stranger, or celeb that you want to recreate. In this post I'll be giving you some tips on how to recreate outfits as well as recreating one of my own.

Kylie Jenner is one of the most fashion/trend savvy teenagers in the world. The outfit she is sporting here is country chic that with a hint of punk rock. Lets recreate it! The first step in recreating an outfit is looking at the basic patterns, tops, shoes, bottoms, and colors. The basic pattern here is stripes, the top is a tied muscle tank, she is wearing high waisted shorts, and has combat boots on. Now that we have the basics down, lets go searching!

When I was looking for a shirt and undershirt, I didn't want to look for exact replicas of the clothing. So instead of choosing a white bandeau I went for a red one. The shirt doesn't have any ties or knots on the bottom either. Now onto finding some shorts and shoes.

These shorts are more ombre than Kylie's, but I think the more color they have the more pop they'll give the whole outfit. I stuck with her combat boots but chose one with a bit of a lighter wash and one that has studs. For hair, anything side swept would work. A braid or fishtail would both look cute. If you have shorter hair braiding a piece of your hair and pinning it back would give it a similar effect. For accessories I would go for some homemade bracelets to add more roughness to the look. You could add sunglasses as well. Overall, this outfit is supposed to look effortless, so don't put much effort into it! I hope your
weekend is going  great! Remember, I will be posting new fashion, hair, DIY, and shopping pages today so go check them out! I'll probably be changing them around 7:00pm East Coast time.
As always,
xoxo Em

Links to today's clothes:
Red Bandeau
High waisted shorts
Combat Boots (with studds)
Red striped shirt

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Outfit Idea #2


White Jeans
Black Boots
Feather Necklace
Black Top

This outfit today is a perfect outfit for chilly days. You may be looking at the top and thinking, "um how is a short sleeve good for chilly days?" Well my darlings, all you have to do is go to Overstock to find yourself a perfect cardigan over it for when you go outside. Or just full any jacket you have and put it on just until you get to where you are going. The necklace gives this whole look the color it needs without going overboard, and the white adds contrast to the black. The riding boots have cute buckles and are on sale! Whenever I put an outfit together for you guys I always look for cute, affordable items. All of these items are either on sale or are already at a good price. Now the reason I paired boots with white jeans is more methodical that one might think. If you're like me, whenever you wear white is the day your body decides to go crazy and spill everything all over the white piece of clothing. The boots will help with that. Whenever it is raining,snowing, or the ground is just muddy, the boots will lift you high enough off the ground that you won't get any dirt or grime on your jeans! If you accidentally get something on them, have a tide to go handy. If you don't want to buy new clothing just for this outfit, I understand. Just pull things you like from this. For example, a knockoff outfit could be any boots you have, with a plain t shirt and any jeans with a blingy necklace. Make sure you have some kind of neck piece, because that is what brings this outfit from a 9 to a 10. I hope you all are having a good Saturday!
As always,
xoxo Em

Friday, September 27, 2013

September Favorites

As September rolls to an end I think now is the perfect time to do a September favorites post. First up is tea! Where I'm from (Colorado) it has been raining a ton and rainy weather equals tea! I love any tea, but Lipton tea has been my favorite. It doesn't have much of a pop, but it tastes really good. I throw in some agave nectar and milk and it tastes delicious! My other drink that I am in love with this month has been the iced chai tea from starbucks. Let me just say that many of my friends are not tea drinkers, but they give this drink a thumbs up. Another September favorite is the Leaves home fragrance oil by bath and body works. Guys, this scent is literally fall in liquid form. I put a few drops into my oil burner and it makes my whole room smell amazing. Even if you're not a fall person you should really go smell this. They also have the scent as a candle, but home fragrance oils last longer. As for makeup I have been loving the Revlon photo ready BB cream. Now I use this as a concealer, not a foundation. Since BB creams are light they really blend right into my skin. I have also been using the EOS balm in summer fruit. To me all chap sticks feel the same, but the EOS balms are the cutest things! They are little balls and are really easy to find in a purse because their shape isn't the usual thing you would have in your purse. Now comes my favorite! This month I have been jamming out to some pretty cool songs. The first is wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus. This song will pull at your emotions and will make you want to, well, come in like a wrecking ball. My next song favorite is Hey Brother by Avicii. It has a country part as well as a pop part. September has gone by super fast, and if your birthday was this month, happy birthday! Comment down below if you have an October birthday so that I can personally wish you a happy birthday. Remember, each fashion, hair, DIY, and shopping page are only up for a couple more days, so check them out! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.
As always.
xoxo Em

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Beauty Tip #1

Eyes are one of our best features. There are many ways we can enhance the color of them, and one of the best ways is to use subtle makeup. You don't want to go overboard because you want attention on your eyes, not the makeup. My motto is, makeup should conceal your flaws, enhance your beauty, but should not create anything new. One of the best ways to make your eyes pop is to use neutrally colored eye shadows. If neutral isn't your thing, use glittered neutral eye shadow. The most important thing about the eye shadow is the color. Think of your eyes as a color wheel. Have you ever heard of complimentary colors? They are colors that compliment each other. For instance the complimentary color of blue is orange. Does that mean anyone with blue eyes should buy bright orange eye shadow? NO! If you have blue eyes go for the copper, latte, and gold colors. Anything with a hint of orange in it is perfect. Since it is fall, these eye shadows will go prefect with the season and your eyes! Anyone with brown eyes here? Now you guys get funnnn colors! Two colors that make your eyes pop are green and purple. I know I said pick neutral colors, and that still somewhat applies to you all as well. If you have dark brown eyes, go for dark purple and green. If you have lighter brown eyes go for lighter greens and purples. If you hazel eyes these colors apply to you as well. Any green eyes out there? Dark blues and purples are the way to go. Now you don't have to follow any of these tips! Go crazy and find whatever you think fits you most. Another thing that brings your eyes to life is eyeliner. I use eyeshadow as eyeliner because if comes off as less dramatic, but gel and stick eyeliners look great as well. Eye liner will make your eyes look dark and beautiful, unless you use a light eyeliner, then it will make your eyes look light and beautiful. Another go to for eyes is mascara. Any kind is good, but I would go for the waterproof kind. Remember, always prime your eyes before applying anything to them, we don't need smeary makeup everywhere. As always, I wish you all a day full of happiness and love.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Trend Secret #1

We all know that every year the fall colors for clothes are yellow, orange, brown, and red. Although this year there is a new!!!! This unexpected color is sure to add a pop of color to your wardrobe this fall season. I personally think that the traditional fall colors needed a lift, and this is just the color! You can go with dark, hot pinks so that is looks somewhat like a fall color, or you can out of the box and go with a light/hot pink.

Now to follow this trend you don't need to go all out. Using pink as an accessory will also show that you are trend savvy. Pink lipstick would go with almost any outfit, along with pink nail polish. Even though hair isn't part of this trend secret, many models at fashion week were wearing some hair styles you should really check out. Ponytails believe it or not was one of them. Low ponytails and volumized ponytails were some of the highlights.

With pink nail polish light pink is my favorite. It makes me feel dainty and more feminine. Not to mention that it is a forgiving when you are painting it onto your nails. Hot pink is a more daring color, but with the right outfit you can pull it off and make it look great. Pink nail polish in general in a pretty color.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

This week's fashion tip

This fall, stay classy with a nice dress, but keep it edgy with putting a jean jacket over it. Pair this with some boots or converse. By putting a jacket on over your dress it keeps you looking nice, but not to dressy. Jean jackets also are a good layer that can keep you warm on chilly days. If you look at the second picture you can see that this model has a really pretty braid to go along with her outfit. Braiding or fishtailing your hair will give you a country look, where as curling or straightening your hair will give you a more preppy look. To make this outfit fall appropriate I recommend wearing boot s instead of converse. If you are going to a somewhat formal occasion, switch the jacket for a cardigan, and the boots for some heals! Whatever you wear, rock it! This week's blog will feature some of this season's trends as well as where to get them! Remember, each DIY, Fashion, Hair, and Shopping list is only posted for a week before a new one is put up, so go and check them out!
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