DIY Glitter Shoes (Idea from

Pair of white Keds
Painting Tape
Mod Podge 
3 shades of one color of Super Fine Glitter 

To start, place the clean shoes onto some newspaper. Remove the shoelaces. Next, put the tape around the bottom of the shoe (white section right under above the sole of the shoe). Using a pencil, lightly divide the shoe into three sections. The first section should be from the heel of the foot to the beginning of where the shoelaces would be. The next section should cover the whole area where the shoe laces would be.The last section will be from the end of the shoelaces to the end of the shoe. Next, in a bowl mix two parts mod podge and one part of your darkest shade of glitter (ie dark green). Using a brush, paint this onto your first section of the shoe (heel). You may need to do several coats, depending on how thick the glitter and mod podge is. Repeat this process for the next two colors and sections. When you are doing the second section, make sure that you don't paint the shoe lace holes. Once your shoe is dry, you'll need to seal it. In a clean bowl, pour in some mod podge. Using a clean brush, paint a thin layer onto the shoes. When this is dry, you are finished! 

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